Into The Mystic

so: im new to the blogging world, and to be honest i feel a bit like that kid who is at the party and no one really knows who invited her. but im taking the plunge, hints the title*


1 stick margerine: obviously monroe is bursting with excitement, and EVERYONE is dying to know the latest happenings here ;p

1 cup flour: there are so many people in my life that are true blues. they are just too good to go undocumented šŸ™‚

1/2 cup sugar: to work on creative writing skills

2 eggs: im trying to form a bond with technology, as of now, we are still oil and water.

2 cans sliced peached: maybe a tinge of self centeredness in thinking that my thoughts are blog worthy, but what the hell.

as to how interesting this blog will be, well um, heh….we’ll figure that one out together! heres a brief prologue:

~i am currently going to ulm. if you are like most of the world and have never heard of it, its louisiana at monroe

~most everyone i know here runs track

~my roommate is kelsie (she has just managed to lose the same pearl earrings about three times in five minutes šŸ™‚

~my boyfriend is Corey, and alas so many readers hopes are dashed!! Just kidding…seeing as my mother will probably be the only person who ends up reading this is…anyways hes kind of a nut case but then im a crazy too so what can ya do šŸ™‚

lo and behold! its 12:40 and im getting up especially early to see the track team off to their texas tech track meet.

set coffee to brew for six am.

good night all šŸ™‚


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