As i sat in my room watching The Glass House (a movie with way too much blue lighting and not enough true suspense) I realized…I might go insane from bordom. Just about the only people i know on campus have loaded onto a charter bus and driven off 12 hours to texas tech. And after hours of brooding in my dorm room by myself ive come to one conclusion…
leelee sobieski irks me to my very core.

More importantly, ive finished I Capture the Castle, compliments of Hannah 🙂
Granted I’ve only been finished for about five minutes now, it’s steadily becoming my favorite book.

and now, as my chest swells up with all the feminine emotions that this book sends into surge, i feel a bit like Cassandra, stuck in Belmonte Tower with nothing to do but write about herself as vainlessly as possible. There has always been something strangely pleasant about being alone at night, however. Off i go to be content.


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