procrastination at its best ;P

So i have this once a week class on Tuesday nights, and i LOVE it. Can you imagine what kind of a professor it would take to make kids WANT to go to class on a Tuesday night?? A pretty awesome one to say the least. Imagine what would happen if Nick Ducote drank even more coffee than he does and drove a motorcycle. That would be Dr. Bramstedt 🙂

*If you dont know Nick Ducote, im sorry for both the confusion and your missing out*

Bramstedt can usually be found propped outside the psych building, surrounded by students (most of them have their name followed by his last scribbled in their notebooks.) He is probably smoking his pipe before his hobbles off to class (motorcycle accident that has not deterred him.) He has an untamed fohawk, black rimmed glasses, sideburns, and a questionable sense of humor.

The point is, this man is such an amazing professor! He sits a top his lap top cart, and rambles about girlfriends who have beat him up, Romanians, and the occasional psychological fact. if youre real luck, you’ll get to be a witness to his infant imitations 🙂
I always come out of that class room with my head whirling. So many facts that are enlightening and disturbing. Did you know that 98%+ women in the porn industry were sexually molested as children? Awful isn’t it. But the class is filled with laughter, as he usually cracks some politically incorrect joke, followed by the mutterings that he will probably be fired tomorrow.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the man makes me want to be a psychologist. There was a moment today when i was questioning my whole purpose, God’s plan for me, and my major (yes, one of those moments.) My conclusion?? I needed to become an English Professor and inspire the cobwebbed minds of the coming generation of illiterate children. But Bramstedt was a quick reminder of where I want to be in the world, and what I want to be doing for it. I cannot wait! to get my degree. There are so many marriages that fail, marriages between good people. It is incredible to know the psychology of marital issues, and how so small an adjustment can make or break a covenant. It hurts me to think of the divorce rate in this country. Worse yet, it hurts me to think of the neglect marriage gets. Marriage gets put on the back burner while things like moving in together and whether or not to get a dog take presidence.

wow. that was my first true rant…i feel like such a blogger 🙂
well, there is a huge stack of blank note cards starring at me, telling me in my mothers tone of voice, “Seline, do your studies.”
i go.


3 thoughts on “procrastination at its best ;P

  1. Dang, woman. This is so exciting to me. You are PERFECT for that place in this world. God is NOT gonna let you go directionless, baby. And he takes so much pleasure in you doing what you do best. Awesome.(Speaking of that, did you ever watch Chariots of Fire? Have we talked about that?)>>"I needed to become an English Professor and inspire the cobwebbed minds of the coming generation of illiterate children."THAT is exactly what *I* want to do. 🙂

  2. yes ive watched it! i saw it a lot when i was like seven because of mom, but i never really got it back then. i watched it recently with corey though, like right before school started, and no, we have NOT talked about it :)and darling, you WILL sweep those cob webbs 🙂

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