Around The Well

iron and wine’s newest^
~and boy with a coin is it good~

i work for the newspaper. did i tell you that? i do. its a new job, and one that constantly has my nerves in a tangle. But I have finally been assigned a piece that won’t reflect too much on how little i know of the world. Best albums released during 2009-2010.

can i get an amen????

This is so awesome!!!! I’m sticking with indie and folk music mainly, and so far the research has been most pleasant 🙂

Today is good now. It got off to a rocky start however.
*advice* Walmart has chai tea latte mix that is only four dollars for eight of them. Buy this. Save money, along with your soul from the evil cooperation that is Starbucks. I lecture, but man do they get me with their modern art and fancy flavors.

ANYWAYS, the day looked good around 8:00. I had showered and was proceeding to put on a very comfy tshirt and jeans. then it happened. CAAPOW, Collette’s hand (that i do not claim responsibility for, as my body has a mind of its own) swats an entire thermos of scalding walmart latte all over the vanity. Gush Gush Gush, it came out in waves like the thermos was vomiting or something. (It and I are not on good terms, along with the hand.) My bobby pins still smell like chai, which is fine by me i guess.
So the game plan was to sacrifice my bath towel for the greater good, and rush off to class.
I skipped art today; for some reason the two and a half our class seemed to be surrounded by a magnetic field that did not compliment me, and i was immediately repelled all the way back to Commons 1. My dorm.
I now sit at Coreys computer, fresh out of bio lab. I am listening to Iron and Wine’s new album, which makes me feel like i am actually sitting on their record as it spins. Amazing. The faint cries of Corey’s Modern Warfare echo in the background, and this room actually feels like home. Amazing that after 18 years in one city, it took only two years for North Louisiana to start feeling homey. I guess they have been a pretty detrimental two years. And filled with good people at that.
i guess its time for that amen i asked for…
Amen, signs body, and exits.


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