Escapees: The Lot of Us

So Corey and I were driving about today, looking at all the melting snow, and i saw one *the* funniest things in a good while. There, outside the old folks home, were two snow men. Well, a snow man and a lady really. But instead of your typical uprights three section icebergs, they were done up like old people! One (the lady) was sitting in a wheelchair-contribution of the home i suppose. the other was an old man with a cane, and a slightly humped back. I found this extremely hilarious, even though it was a bit of a mockery, and maybe even a little politically incorrect o.O

But then i had a thought. What if they really were two old people, escapees for that matter!!! Lovers on the run, well, more like on the roll and hobble. And then the snow was coming down so fast, and they were moving so slow that they got covered and are still stuck there!

How awful. I feel compelled to go and check.

All around, it has been a wondrous day. With school canceled, and two murderous tests postponed, i am GIDDY. Not much happened today to deserve such a great mood, I am just alive! And i finallyyyyyyyy found a second artist to go in my article, thanks to Hannah’s AMAZING website. Andrew Bird has made the cut, and boy does he deserve it! My list has boiled down to a final Paolo Nutini, Vampire Weekend, and Andrew Bird. Muse gets honorable mention simply because even the mediocrity of this album they remain incredible musicians. Another great happening of today was Corey and I finishing Lars and the Real Girl. It was precious, and the faith you develop in every character is so refreshing πŸ™‚
I think what has me the most excited is that I too, an am escapee. Well, as of tomorrow morning that is. I AM GOING TO BATON ROUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooohoooo! i have five days to spend there, and golly gee am i excited. It feels like ages since I’ve been home. Probably just because my family is that awesome, making them that easy to miss.

*Drat. I have just made a steaming bowl of ramen noodles and have managed to loose the seasonings. They are NOWHERE to be found! Disappointment-extreme.*

I think i might put the article I write for the paper on here, just because I feel like those guys deserve all the notice they can get.

Sorry if this here post wasn’t quite as interesting; I’m trying to become more inspired in order to begin my article. It’s not working, obviously. I will just have to put on Paolo’s “No Other Way.” Even in the darkest of hours that song can move the soul a mile.


One thought on “Escapees: The Lot of Us

  1. HELLO! ALL your posts are interesting, OK??!LARS AND THE REAL GIRL!! AHHHHH!!! Oh my, it was sooo refreshing and delightful and sad and sweet and renewed my faith in humankind. DANG.Boom. Andrew Bird. Good call. He deserves to be on every list everywhere, he is so freaking amazing.PLEASE DO POST THAT ARTICLE ON HERE. I would *love* to read it. πŸ™‚

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