"The snap of a few sparks, a quick whiff of ozone, and the lamp blazed forth in unparalleled glory. "

Vampire Weekend, Olympics, my home, and facebook chat with Corey. I hope this is what they mean when they say “thats just life.”

So My mom got Mr. Kenny the a much smaller version of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story one year for his birthday. i forget how awesome it is 🙂

It has been SO nice being at home! I was trying to explain to mom how releaving it was just to walk around. Like, I dont have to face North while making coffee, turn to face South and practically be sitting on the toilet. Its funny how the soul can get squished. A squishy soul. Now thats a funny sounding thing…

Tomorrow I may muster up the strength to go run at like 6 a.m. YIKES. I haven’t had to do that in like two months.

Then I am going to pick up Taylor (Valencia’s……..dad’s gf……daughter) and am taking her to Gran and Grandad’s and then to the mall with mom. Marc Antony (my mac) is coming along for a check up. He won’t start :(:(:( poor darling. He withstood many a battle, but alas, cookies were his demise.

Wow. Corey just changed my profile picture to an autistic man in a superman costume. Is that really the image i give? oh my oh my….

So mom and I were watching highlights of the saints game the other day, except they were playing the miked sound bites of the players talking. First off, Scott Fujita was always cool, but now he is TOP NOTCH COOL!!!! He is like a little boy, running up to Payton Manning and asking him to throw him a few, then running back to Sharper like a little boy laughing, “dude, dude, guess what i just said to Payton!” He is the most excited player I’ve ever seen. ( OK, so it was the Super Bowl but still!!) Secondly, the clip where Sean Peyton and Brees finally find each other amid the chaos is INCREDIBLE. That moment was an imbodiment of a whole seasons worth of why we love this team so much.
I tried to find it on the internet but couldn’t. It went like this: (I’ll do it as much justice as I can)
Drew: Hey coach!!!
(full force embrace, reamin so)
Sean: I LOVE YOU!!!
Drew: I LOVE YOU!!
( Big manly kisses on each others cheeks followed by huge smiles 🙂
Drew: WE DID IT!!

The segment ended with some camera man’s footage down on the feild during the celebration. Saints professed their appreciation for the city and the fans, thanked God, and played in the confetti with their children. It was beautiful. They were brothers, and we were their family. They finished with the now infamous shot of Brees holding his head phone strewed baby, teary eyed, while the baby’s tiny outstretched hand grabbed at confetti. His wife smiling beautifully beside him. I took one look at mom, both of our eyes were all welled up with tears. It was hilarious, moving, deep. We laughed at ourselves, but a good bit of it was from sheer happiness. The Saints have WON THE SUPER BOWL. A city is triumphant, the good guy has won.(Not that I don’t love Manning, I really do.) But he’s already got one! God is just so good; it’s amazing to STILL feel the victory in my bones 🙂

It’s so amazing that Vampire Weekend can lift my soul so much. Its 11;30, I’m tired, being naggeed by people on facebook chat now that Corey has gone to bed, and yet, I’m so pumped about life!! I guess thats just what Vampire Weekend exists to do, get you hyped to be alive 🙂
I’m writing an article for the paper on them, and other various artists. it’s been a real eye opener to how much music affects the human population. It’s got to be one of the oldest artifacts ever. I think it’s my favorite artifact, other than that huge pit of asian soldier statues, those guys were pretty awesome…

goodnight moon 🙂


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