Corey, Kelsie, myself, Denise, and Moses (track team) just got back from Mass. Ash Wednesday has got to be one of my favorite services. The whole messages is such a beautiful one, the ashes such a beautiful symbol of forgiveness. I feel so at peace, even if it is 9:00 and I have much to do!

My trip home was a blast!!! I took the long way round to Jackson to stop in and see Sarah and Sergei. Well, I of course got lost, making the exact wrong turn that I did a month ago during a similar fiasco. With my phone on low battery I rang Sergei, who so splendidly led me back to Belhaven after about an hours worth of “uhhhhhh, turn around,” and “you’re on what street??! How did you get all the way down there?!” It was quite an adventure 🙂
When i finally got to his house, Sarah had just left for a Mary Kay party and would be back in an hour or so. Sarah, I love you to death, but man did me and Sergei have fun!!!! I love him more and more each time we hang out, as we cooked, played Mario on the Wii, and had deep psychological conversations on why marriages fail and the problem with most young couples. It was a blast. Then Sarah and Mark joined us!!! Talk about a steroid shot to my SOUL. It’s amazing what turning around to see her walking through the door can do to me. Mmmmmmmmmmm family 🙂

After a much too short but much needed visit, I hit the road again. Three hours later I rolled into my driveway, gas light a blazin. Proceeded to have a wonderful week at home! Sure the whole trip was great, but my favorite part was probably hanging out with Taylor all day, especially with Gran and Grandad. I love seeing them with children, it shows me how much they must have doted on me as a kid. Grandad of course provided me with the funniest quote for my blog (unintenionally 🙂

Taylor was in the back playing games on the computer, and her Hannah Montana website could be heard in the kitchen. Grandad sat at the kitchen table, elbows spread on the table, a ham sandwich resting in his hands.
“What’s all that music?”
“That’s Taylor’s Hannah Montana stuff”
“Oh yeah, that uh, uh, Miley Cypress girl!”

I could have died 🙂 He is so pleasant. Now I’m sitting at my desk, watching the Olympic half pipe event, patiently waiting for Sean White!!!
Which reminds me…
I am unhealthily addicted to men’s figure skating. I know, they are kind of creepy with their feathers and pink tassels, but I just can’t help myself! My greatest fascination Evgeni Plushenko. He won gold at the last Olympics. At first, mom and I had prematurely decided we did not like him. He looked mean, he never smiled, and he was much, much, too serious. We did not like him….then they did the segment where they interview him at home. First words out of his mouth “Many people do not like me.”


Ten minutes later, he was mean, he was quite. He never smiled because he was tragic. And he wasn’t serious, he was an artist who was dedicated to his art. His face has that same appeal that Adrian Brody’s does, like he is always on the verge on tears. I think my first son’s name is going to be Plushenko.



3 thoughts on “Ashes.

  1. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! PLEASE UPDATE ME ON THE OLYMPICS, I HAVEN'T BEEN WATCHING!!!!!Figure skating = the best thing ever.Grandad's quote made me snort my noodles up my nose.Annnnnd, finally: Wow. I SOO should've been at Sergei's house with y'all. It sounds fantastic.

  2. OH MY GOSH THE OLYMPICS HAVE BEEN AWESOME!!full fledge update, i hope youre ready :)couples skating: The Chinese married couple won, we were so happy! He was like 36 so it was his last time to ever skate and they had never won gold. Watching them skate was so much more moving knowing they were in love! We were really happy for themmens singles short program: The Russian guy im in love with won gold, an American got silver, and idk who got third, some awesome asian guy. The three of them compete again, just them. I really think Evan, the American can win gold, his was AWESOME! Womens Snowboard race: so remember the blonde chick that was gonna win gold last year? She was on the last jump and decided to do some cool trick adn busted and lost the gold. What a punk. Well everyone was saying this was her year to redeem herself (no sympathy from me) and she wiped out on the first jump in a spaz out moment. Women's skiing: the lindsey girl with previous shin problems won gold. it was so cute, her teammate hugged her and was like "you did it, you did it, you did it." And she just started SOBBING. It was so cute.mens half pipe: of course sean white tore it up!!!!! he blew everyone out of the water, he's so freakin good that he even scored ridiculous points on his victory lap. Ridic.Mens speed skating: Americans qualified for the finals along with Korea who BARELY beat us!!! Poor italy had a pretty bad wipe out.thats all i can think of! hope i helped!!! btw, you HAVE yo watch the mens finals, they are all INCREDIBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this year!!!!!!

  3. I just read this post again because you posted part of it on my Facebook wall, and now I'm here and I read the rest — OH MY GAH. You're so entertaining and AWESOME!!! "I think my first son's name is going to be Plushenko." HAhahahaha! I'm gonna hold you to that. 😉

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