wiggity wiggity

It’s been an interesting few days since I’ve been back to school. There was a moment today when I thought it was Tuesday due to our wacked Mardi Gras schedule. When I realized it was Friday, lets just say i basked in the glow that was the upcoming weekend. Or maybe it was the sun which has finally decided to shine.

Last night was a great night. Although I had two huge tests to study for, the Olympics were what were on my mind. In a panic, Kelsie (roommie 🙂 and I flipped through the channels thinking we were missing the greatest thing since sliced bread, male’s figure skating. When we realized it wasn’t on till nine, I decided to pop down to the Starbucks which is right next to my dorm. ( note: this is EXTREMELY unfair to my budget.) But when I arrived, I found that more than just hours of nonsensical macro-evolution awaited me. Instead I found HUMANITY!! It was so great!!

Ok, so sitting across from me was this man. He had a huge poster board, glittery stickers, markers , potted tulips, and about four different valentines day cards spread all over the place. Realize that this was the 17th. The poor man sat there for quite a while, huffing and puffing as he examined his poster at all sorts of angles. I guess he was hoping this would make something magically appear. Finally he had it! …Happy Valentines Day in huge letters. It was cute 🙂 the Y on the ‘Happy; had this shaky little wave of a tail that went all along the edge of the poster. Men are cute 🙂 Then his phone rang. “Hello? Hey baby. Wait, you almost here? Nah nah that’s fine! Where am I? I had to run out fo a minute, I’ll be…I had to run out. Just out. It’s fine baby I just… I’ll be home soon. Hey, I love you. ” I gave a bit of a giggle at his situation. He shot a glance at me and then told his lady on the other line. ” See now this girl is laughin at me! I be lookin like a fool for you! But hey hey, I love you!” He smiled at me, completely aware of how taken he was. Then three women walked in who must have known him. They started picking up the cards and reading them, and he explained that it took him an hour and he still couldn’t decide so he ditched the fifth card that said “I would die without you,” and just bought four. Then one of the girls asked what he would do if she did not take him back. Eyes on my notecards, I turned an ear towards them. He let out a sigh and said he honestly did not know what he would do without her. It was so sincere! They left, and an hour later he was satisfied with his poster, and got up to leave. He looked at me one last time. I decided to be brave and “challengerish” and told him good luck. He smiled wide and walked out the door, confident.

I realized what time it was and raced back to the dorm in time to catch the end of women’s half pipe and then, MENS FIGURE SKATING LONG PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND EVAN WON THE GOLD! HE HAS WON THE GOLD! THE AMERICAN HAS WON!!!! Heh, sorry, I’m still not over it. Plechenko got sliver, everything in the universe is as it should be 🙂

Today was ok, my tests were anything but easy, but I think I did alright. What was really awesome is that I turned in my article for the newspaper about the music of this year. It was my first time ever writing an article like this so I was nervous and had NO idea what to do. But my boss loved it!!!! This was the first time he didn’t make any kind of corrections to anything I did. I was SO complimented, because he is an amazing boss, and therefore very thorough. Then he asked me if I wanted to be a part of the Freestyle team, and do a music review once a week on an album!!! I am so pumped!!!!! It’s like being promoted. No more stories about budget cuts, ULM lubrarians writing children’s books, etc etc. I finally feel like a WRITER. Ooooodellally Ooooodellaly (fortune tellers, lucky charms!)

I am arguing with Andy about the hilarity of Monty Python. I win, whether or not he agrees with me, because it’s simply fact :0

have to go, seeing Shutter Island yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!11


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