From My Heart Flow

So the twinkle lights I’ve got hanging in my room reflecting in my black tv screen look like stars in the sky. Cool šŸ™‚
I had a really insignificant day (except that whole being alive thing). I babysat a friends puppy while doing loads and loads of laundry at his house. This may sound quite simple, but the day took a turn for the worst when the puppy decided to have the most potent diarrhea I’ve ever experienced. Poor dog šŸ˜¦ But she didn’t seem to mind much; it was Kelsie, Corey, and I that bore the brunt of it. When we drove back to the dorm it was night, and the rain brought with it a cool fog that clung to the bayou waters. It was beautiful.

So I saw Shutter Island. I LOVED IT. Well, most of it that is. The ending I was not fond of, but the rest of the movie was SO SO good that an anticlimactic ending was worth it!!!! And who knows, maybe I’m wrong and the ending is awesome!

I am craving a toffee coffee shake…

gone for fifteen minutes…

corey took me to get one!!! He is so great šŸ™‚
Craving satisfied, I am now being forced to watch The Sweetest Thing, probably the stupidest movie I’ve ever seen. It has women in the bathroom feeling each other’s breasts for perfectly scientific reasons. Way too much witty banter with extremely bad acting. Oh well, if Cameron Diaz is my biggest problem, I’m doin alright ^^


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