"The World’s A Playground…

and somewhere along the way people forget that.”

I seem to be surrounded by entrepenuers of life. I have just bought a book about a man who decided to redirect his life, it’s called A Million Years in a Thousand Miles by Donald Miller (suggestion of Sarah and Sergei). So far all I have read is the inside cover and I am already completely inspired. Then I’m watching TV and once again Yes Man is on. What is it with this movie and inspiring me?? It’s a good movie, but it’s no Amelie. Lead girl says to lead man ” The world’s a playround! Somewhere along the way peope forget that.” It’s so true. What is life if you are not having fun??!
However, the must wait. I have a test tomorrow AGAIN. Don’t these teachers know that this college??? What’s with all the tests??! ForPete’s sake, I thought I was goining to be able to look back on today twenty years from now and say, “THOSE WERE MY GLORY DAYS!!! and till still have those legs…” How am i supposed to do that if all I do is study?! Sheesh, college, what a waist of time ;D

I was in books a million buying A Million Miles, and the girl at the register was so pumped about everything! She saw my shirt and was trying to guess where it was from because she “LOVED IT!” After I told her it was an unfair test because the shirt was from Baton Rouge, she told me about her boyfriend moving there, forever twenty one, and feather brains. She was great! Hoorah for human connection.

I am most disappointed about the whether. I say “whether” because it has NO idea whether it wants to be sunny or extremely gloomy. Twey so days ago it was hot and the sun was blazing! And now what? They say it is going to snow.

In the mean time, I’m headed to dinner. Off to have fun 🙂


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