"Honey you are a rock, upon which I stand"

So I found a book in which I completely relate to the author. Well, I am only on the 50something page, but I LOVE HIM. It’s the book Sarah and Sergei suggested, A Million Miles in 1000 Years. Talk about brilliant. It has informed me that I am in charge of my story, and that God does not give or take. He realizes that conflict drives everything, and says stuff like “We think that God is unjust, rather than a master storyteller.” And describes people as “poems rising from the mud.” I found relief that he went through a stage in college where he was constantly startled by life. In a way where he would just be walking and then think to himself, “Oh my gosh! I am alive and part of life!!!” I think this all the time, and am often told I get overexcited about silly things. Then I feel unjustified and a little on the ridiculous side. But I am realizing that it is so true, that people are so used to the miracle of life that it is normality now. And that is sadness! The author thinks that we might value it a little more if we could remember our birth the way we do a wedding or something. He’s such an interesting guy.

Updates, and then bed. I have to get up extra early to hunt down an 80something year old professor. Sounds easy right? Like I should be a step ahead of this one, but it’s not! I am doing a yearbook article on this guy purely on the fact that he is AMAZING, and a bit loony. Ok, so he’s 80+ right? Well on the first day of all of his classes he makes a grad student follow him into the room, boom box atop their shoulder with Rocky theme song blaring. In front of said grad student is Dr. H.P. Jones, adorned with boxing gloves and a silk robe. He pounces into the classroom, wailing on the air with his fists!! (Mind you, he’s on his 5th hip replacement.)
On Halloween (a day he always gives a test on) he makes his grad students wheel a coffin into the room and tell the class that H.P. has died, and there will be no test. Then he pops out of the coffin with the tests, and laughs at his own joke hysterically. Other days he parades down the isles with a prosthetic leg in one hand, hollow and filled with tootsie rolls that he throws at students. The man is one of a kind. But apparently this kind is one that is hard to find, so after updates, I will be going to bed in preparation for my search 🙂

I had a psychology test today that was way too hard. However, it did ask if a person could ever own too many motorcycles. B) No Way!!

A good friend separated from a darling today, I hope she knows I love her

I miss my family, in a good way

Hannah’s extremely entertaining post about Ireland has made me want to live there even more. Oh to be retired.

I am getting a wee bit sick of Modern Warfare. There, I said it ><

I have four articles to write before the week is . YIKES.

The back of my neck burned when I got embarrassed for the first time today.

Corey is growing long hair.

I want a Ford Bronco so bad.

Going to sleep with Animal Collective stuck in my head, the band I’m covering this week. They are new to me, but they are long time poets.


3 thoughts on “"Honey you are a rock, upon which I stand"

  1. WHY DID YOU MAKE ME LOOK UP THE WORLD'S UGLIEST DOG????? I think I'm gonna have nightmares. Real legitimate ones because Sam is real and alive somewhere.WHY IS COREY GROWING LONG HAIR??? Slash, how long is long?Please please please tell the story of how you found this HP guy if you ever do find him.Dude. I SO could've got you into Animal Collective this summer. "My Girls" was my jam all summer. But COREY turned it OFF every time I tried to play it. (I hope he feels the glare I'm sending his direction. ;-))Here's my proposition: When WE are 80-something and our husbands are dead and all we have left is Token and ourselves (because of course Token can never die), we will move to Ireland. We'll get a house on a hill overlooking the Irish Sea. And we'll get into adventures over winning lottery tickets. Boom.

  2. your first part tickled me to death, the ireland trip is go.and the second part, HANNAH!!!!!! you never know when you say things just how much they may mean to people. Today someone at lunch told me that i get way to excited about stupid stuff, and that it was annoying. ive been asking myself whether or not i was a ridiculous person all day long. thank you for reminding me 🙂

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