clap your hands say yeah!!!

what she said.
that band is quickly becoming a favorite of mind.^ look it up, i promise it wont be as traumatizing as the last time i told you to look something up (sam, the world’s ugliest doggy 🙂
so i should be writing the articles that are due tomorrow for my job, but i have been writing none stop since 7 o’clock and need a break. This is the only thing i can do that wont slow my writer’s heart rate. Think of it as walking instead of dropping out during a race, technically i am still on track.
I think my boss might be one of the coolest people ever. he is exactly how you would picture someone when you hear some college writer refer to “my editor.” hes got long hair, usually in a ponytail, a scruffy face, black rimmed glasses, a ridiculously awesome sense of style, and a mad laugh. i guess it makes me feel cool that i have a cool editor. legitness. (which reminds me, i watched hot rod the other night, soooo under rated 🙂

what ever happened to the “Dude, It’s A Dell!” guy?? These are the kind of thoughts that Introduction to Research Methods bring to my head. You would think that verbalized statistical theory would be more interested right? right……

so apparently some modern age john dillegners robbed a best buy, and stole about 26,000 dollars worth of macbooks. They were cut a whole in the roof, rappelled down like two stories, never touched the floor, exposed themselves to cameras, or set off motion sensors. and they completely got away with it! i feel awful that this excites me. its like true oceans 11 stuff, where you cant help but love the bad guys.

so i have three shots of espresso in me, and the bathroom has been occupied (in starbucks) for at least ten minutes. i think id rather go through water-boarding.
on that glorious note i should probably get back to my articles. They are pretty interesting actually. Im doing one on music (atmosphere, one of the only great hip hop bands out there) one on the book sarah and sergei recommended to me A Million miles in a Thousand years. This book has actually changed my life. I have found a lot of great answers in the past week. Ill post my review on it. Lastly is an article on the state wanting to increase the graduation levels of all the colleges. Did you know that when i started at tech and then transfered to ulm, it will be tech getting credit for my graduating? my retention stat will go towards them, not ulm. i think thats awful. ok, peace!!!


One thought on “clap your hands say yeah!!!

  1. You just hate Tech, admit it. ;-)I LOVE HOT ROD!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!!And I'm glad you took a break from "serious" writing to update your blog. SOoooooo important in my life, I assure you.

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