miniature update

Beirut has an EP out, I’m doing my article review on it, its awesome!!!

I want to know why “it” possessive is spelled “its” and not “it’s.” Bothersome, or maybe I’m just ignorant.

Andy is reading Pride and Prejudice, he loves it. I am officially stoked.
His favorite character so far is Mrs. Bennett 🙂

Things I’ve heard recently around campus that have made me chuckle:

(While watchign the History Channel, a lady from 1960’s sported some awesome plaid pants)
David: “Gosh, look at those plaid pants, I feel sorry for their men”
Me: “The men wore pants, too!”
David: “Yeah, but they all golfed.”

A group of people were asked, if they could take anyone dead or alive to dinner, who would it be?
Guy: “Hitler”
Us: “You would take Hitler?”
Guy: “Yeah, and when he’d ask what’s on the menu, id say..’A KNUCKLE SANDWHICH!’…”

Ok, so I should be writing articles instead of telling you all the pointless corny stuff i enjoy. I’m just stalling now… (“YOU’D LIKE TO THINK THAT WOULDN’T YOU!! 😉
Please be a nerd like me, get where that came from 🙂 ^


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