A Pirate Party

I had the most awful dream last night. Well sort of.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning, got together all the “good luck” signs I had made, ran and slipped them under the track guys doors. Then I took Corey to the track and saw them off.

Back to dorm.
Go to sleep….CANT go to sleep.
“But Collette you are tired, relax and fall asleep!”
“What? It’s been 30 minutes?…Why am i thinking about black women’s hair weaves…FALL ASLEEP!”

Finally, fell asleep. Then the dream ensued. I dreamed I snuck a little boy out of an orphanage, a nice orphanage too. We went to a pirate party.
It was ok at first, Garrett was there?, and everyone was very well behaved. Then suddenly I lost Toby. (Apparently, that was the boys name). Some toothless idiot brought him back to me, they had been giving him rum! He was sloshed, poor boy! ….and then he died.

BOOM, slightly weird dream, meet nightmare.

Now they are all bad pirates, and Im dragging a string of about 30 orphans away from this pirate party!!! A man is calling me as we are running, its a detective that looks like Al Roker.
He knows I’ve killed the boy, or got him killer anyhow. Then we have to cross the bridge that looks strangely like the one on campus, except there are floating spirits in the fog.

Then we realize its paretns! and hey, its Halloween night! Oh, what do ya know, Toby’s alive! The children and I make it back to the orphanage, I am not in trouble. We are tired and offered biscuits.


What the heck brain?!?!
So I wake up this morning, feeling awful, still feeling like I had killed poor Toby. I can’t shake it, I’m in a funk. My roommate is still asleep, and I’ve got that feeling in my stomach I used to get as a kid when I’d sleep at a friends house and wake up first.
And its too cold to layout and do homework like we had wanted. Drat. Will study indoors.


“Answer. That you are here—that life exists, and identity;. That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.”

Taking initiative to change me own mood!


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