Great things are happening.

For some reason my life seems to be full of spice lately. I can’t really think of a better way of putting it. No big pot of gumbo, no sack of crawfish, just the spice.

I saw A Serious Man, at the suggestion of Zach. (my boss who is super super cool, whose movie taste is almost cooler than he is.) I have a new respect for the Coen brothers for sure, it was one of the most well done movies I have ever seen. After seeing it and talking to Zach, I almost felt a bit dumb at how much he had noticed that I had not (but that’s just Zach). But he told me that I really didn’t miss that much, it just goes to show that there is *something* in every scene. And almost all of it relates back to the Bible. So so so so sooooo impressive.

The next movie I watched was The Proposition. It was a western with Guy Pearce. I know, you think western and go blegh! However, this was an artistic western. So much meaning and beauty in it, but with the same grit that makes the greatest westerns so great.

Yesterday was the first day of spring! It was hot and windy, a wind that blew in some serious rain. I spent most of the day in Lafayette at the track meet. It wasn’t until driving back that the rain hit, of course. It was dark, we didn’t know the roads, and Corey’s car lights were unforgivably dim. By the time we got back, I was exhausted! Passed out, woke up this morning, headed straight outside to make my way to the cafeteria and what do I find????


I mean sheesh, has this Louisiana lost its mind?? Probably, and probably a long time ago. Everyone is attributing it to El Nino. All I can think about is the SNL episode about El Nino. As for what its doing around the country? I don’t know, but its snowing in Monroe and Chris Farley was a funny guy.

I encountered narnia on my way to Lafayette, by the way. While driving through a town (or four way stop, whichever you prefer)..I had to go. What’s new, though. So there is a tiny little gas station, a few cinder blocks piled high with burnt out letters that read pit stop. It gave me the heebee jeebies, but I had to go. So I stop, walk in ( I am the ONLY person in there that didn’t know everybody else.) The two ladies behind the counter wore camo tshirts, and everyone had those early 1990 bangs. I minded my busniess and scooted toward the back of the store where RESTROOMS was screaming at me. I opened the door, and WOOSH, I have gone through the wardrobe. Mexican tiled floors, a toilet nicer than the one in my own home, a marble sink, cleverly built into the corner, complete with one of those touch on touch off sinks. It was AWESOME, despite the lack of lions and witches 🙂

And now I am back in Monroe, its stopped snowing, and I’m painting with ink, something that sounds fun but really it isn’t. However, there’s Starbucks in my left and a brush in my right. And I am blessed.


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