O me, O life!

10:00 a.m. friday morning

After a long night of studying for a ridiculous test involving chi square pretest-posttest design or within subject pretest-posttest one or two group experimental design; PLUS a four page psych article review on the Bobo experiment for the SAME CLASS, I opted out of my last class of the day, Biology. Instead I chatted with my advisor about killing phones and Bible thumping students while he packed his pipe full of tobacco and I thumbed through his book shelves. It was a much needed break. I cannot imagine being stuck in a huge auditorium class, learning the difference in the reproductive pattern of fungi. 
(If my mother is reading this I would just like her to know that I already have all the notes for the Biology class I skipped to day… and please consider not killing me.) 
I got introduced to Seabear by my boss. LOVE them, listen to them if you are into indie. Fo sho Fo sho. 
This weekend is going to be great. I have a red carpet event (Monroe style, nothing cool) to go to for work today. Some guy filmed a Flags of Our Fathers movie (which has already been done?) and he is from Monroe. My boss knows the guy and has more or less told him his movies are crap (in nicer words of course) and so I will be the one doing the interview. Only one thing, a woman’s greatest problem…
I HVE NOTHING TO WEAR! I mean honestly, why the heck would i bring a floor length dress to MONROE?! 
*side note: Some guy on the computer next to me just let out a a really familiar “what the crap??” while launching his nose closer to the computer screen. Ah, don’t I know the feelin. School cannot end fast enough, for all of us.*
Anyways, I have been waiting to rewear my prom dress, it is so awesome and so deserving of more usage. And now, probably the only time I’ll get to wear it before my body begins to climb down off it’s physical peak towards old age, and I don’t have it with me! Oh forsaken dress, forgive me!!!!
So  now I must pose the obnoxious girl question of the day…Is it OK to wear a REALLY fancy shorter dress to a black tie event?!?!? The question, O me! so sad, recurring-What good amid these, O me, O life?
(Poor guy, he just let out a feeble, this cannot be happening…)
Fun stuff: I get to write an editorial about Lady Gaga and why she sucks so bad. Ok it will be more polite (maybe) and more eloquent than that, but still! Hannah, you will have to try and forgive me on this. It must be done!! It is weird to think that there are only three more issues of the paper to come out, which makes me very very sad. This has been the best job I have ever had, and definitely the most rewarding. I will miss it whole heartedly.
Ok, must go, my biology class is about to let out, and I am sitting in a big glass computer lab right across from it!!! 


3 thoughts on “O me, O life!

  1. LADY GAGA DOES NOT SUCK SO BAD!!!!!!!!!! I have MAGNIFICENT taste. lol But seriously. Letter to the Editor: "Dear Mr./Ms. Editor sir/madam, i ❤ Gaga she is sooooo uhmazing and i dont know wut is wrong wit your writer who hates love and peace." ;-)Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM51qOpwcIM She had talent. She sold out. Now she makes awesome pop music. Bottom line: She's good at what she does. And she's a skank, but we won't talk about that.But, seriously. You should probably just write about how much she sucks. We indie kids gotta rep to keep, right?OK, this is the longest comment EVER, but I haven't even talked about my favorite part of your post: WALT WHITMAN. OK, I seriously cannot WAIT to show you this really early edition of "Leaves of Grass" (his collection of poems) that I got at an antique market here in Oxford. It's probably the most beautiful thing I own."That the powerful play goes on and you will contribute a verse."

  2. lol i just think that she is so shallow! her music has no depth! well, she thinks it does. but any idiot can look at a rock and say, its art!!! i think that most pop music is so shallow (which is fine, it should be, the world needs fun music!!) that it makes her look like the freakin second coming. theres nothing wrong with her music, but there is something wrong with parading around as a visionary when you arent much more than billy idol wanna be who uses recycled euro pop for your tunes!!!*pants* whew.any ways, HANNAH holy crap i cant believe you found that!! i had a spasm and freaked when i read that and corey was like WHAT WAHT??!…he was thoroughly disappointed when i told him. (he just doesnt get it 😉 i have to see it when you come to live in br… right, RIGHT?!?!just kiddingggggg, but really.♥

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