multicolored palettes of roller coasters

Its 9:30, and already today has delivered a multicolored palette of events that have created a roller coaster in my stomach.

Mind you, roller coasters are not fun at 9:00 in the morning, I don’t care who you are.

This morning I woke up slowly, fantastically so. Got moving around 8:00 in the direction of the coffee maker. Filled it with water, and while I was looking for our new bag of coffee, I heard an odd trickling noise. Funny, I didn’t think I turned it on yet. A turn of the head and I discovered that I had turned it on, during it’s previous use, and never turned it off. There the water poured, into a coffee pot, but into the absence of one, all over our little bathroom counter. I was extra sleepy, so it was about four cups worth.

One hour and one clean counter later I was headed to intro to research methods (blegh!) where I got punched in the face.

Well not really, but someone did mention that today was the beginning of registration. Ok people, if you have no idea what is going on in this state, let me just tell you, our schools are seeing some major budget cuts. That means we students are duking it out for any spots we can get. It was already 9:00, that meant everyone with 8:00 class had probably already registered!!! Class hadn’t started yet, so I snatched up my bag and art pad and hit the hallways. Well, 20 minutes and one absence later I realized that seniors register today, and I can’t register till about Thursday or so.

However this morning was not just a morning of chaos, and this post is not just one of irritating complaints.

I saw an older man, maybe mid 50’s, wearing blue jeans, a button down neatly tucked in, and a worn out pair of chucks that looked like they belonged to him since before I was born. He was too cool for school…well maybe not since he WAS on campus and all. Nevertheless he was awesome.

My creme runs out in about a week or so, and there is a TON left. Thus, my coffee has been next to white for the past few days. Its been thoroughly enjoyable though, drinking toffee flavored coffee every a.m.

I want a Frankie Says Relax shirt so bad I can taste it.

I have really been missing my cousins lately. I guess that is because I usually see the girls at Easter, and that didn’t happen this year. Plus the fact that they may be in Baton Rouge this summer has got me hanging on the edge of my seat, cutting through seat cushions with excited grip. Hannah, when the ash cloud goes poof and you get back to the states (if ever you do 🙂 where are you going?? To Jackson, to Marshall, to the Lonely Moutain?? I must know. And if you tell me to get used to disappointment…well I just couldn’t ;D


4 thoughts on “multicolored palettes of roller coasters

  1. I MISS YOU EXTRA EXTRA BAD, TOO!!!!!! (And that's saying a lot – it's hard to miss you more than the normal amount of miss.)All my plans are kinda off kilter as you may imagine, but I'm going to Covenant the first few days in May and staying until the 8th. I'll probably just hit Jackson on the way. Will you still be in Monroe at the end of April? I might just have to stop for you, too. 😉

  2. heck yeah i will!!! where are you flying in to?? i know you will be tired. but if you are going from marshall to jackson you should stop by if you have the energy!!

  3. I'm flying into Shreveport *hopefully* in a couple of days. I'll chill at home in Marshall for a while and then head over your way. And OF COURSE I WILL STOP AND SEE YOU!!!! I'm going to be struggling less with exhaustion than just needing to be with people I love who make me happy. That's you. 🙂

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