"We will live on coffee and fashion"

My roommate is going to New York with a good friend of hers to buy ridiculously cute clothes for her boutique. The quote above is how Kelsie’s (roommie) friend prepared her for the trip. Mine and her thoughts, “and thats a BAD thing???!”

I have to admit that I am quite jealous. Between her going to NY, NY and Hannah’s being in London, I cannot help but loathe the sight of Monroe. My poor little town, it really is not that bad at all, and pretty great for a lot of reasons. HOWEVER, I crave skyscrapers and pubs.

Last summer Sarah spent most of her break in Thailand, doing mission work that was related to the sex trafficing there. I know that its awful over there, a lot of things are. But then we started learning all of the statistics during psychology. Did you know that 80% of women have been involved in sex trafficing in Thailand? There were much more gruesome details, ones I hate to think of even now. The point is, it makes you pretty ashamed to be learning about these things at almost 20, sitting in some paid for air conditioned classroom on my way to getting a doctorate. I think about the harsher realities of girls almost ten years younger than me, and what I’m doing seems so irrelevant.

In the mean time, exams sit fidgeting on our horizon. It is such an overwhelming feeling. Like standing in knee deep ocean water as a huge wave comes to pummel your helpless body. But that feeling is always a little exciting isn’t it πŸ™‚

In exam week, I can say that I look forward to:

A girl in front of me at Starbucks getting nine shots of espresso in her coffee at 9:00 PM.
The all nighters with friends who are all on the brink of insanity
Those moments when everyone decides they need a break, and we unite to do something ridiculously unproductive
Knowing we are all miserable together gives students this quite unity that i LOVE
I will be getting lots and lots of coffee with a VALID excuse!!!

I must look back on these things in, oh 2.5 weeks πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “"We will live on coffee and fashion"

  1. "Terrify No More." About sex trafficking and other forms of slavery AND – in order that you may have hope – what kinds of things are being done at this moment to save them. Check it out. It's by Gary Haugen, the guy who started IJM.I love every update of your blog soooooooo much.P.S. I think I'll be back in the States Friday. πŸ™‚

  2. Well I always read it. It's always exciting when I look at my Google reader and there is a new post from Hannah, Collete, and James Harrison (or any combination of the three).

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