"Brighter than Sunshine"

Today, I got crabs and shrimp!!!!

I got to go home, even if it was just for one day.

Told no one that I was coming in. It’s amazing how many people expect to see you in just two days time. It cannot be humanly done. So the only person I told was mamma šŸ™‚
She bought me boiled seafood and we laid out under the most beautiful day I have seen in a long time.

I don’t laugh with anyone like I do when I’m with my family, especially my mom šŸ™‚
Of course we talked about EVERYTHING from past to present, from horror stories to heroes.
I told her about my in class crisis when hearing about Thailand and what I was doing with my life. Then she said to me, “if you are a woman in American, you are the luckiest woman in the world.”
WOW, talk about no more wallowing in self pity.

I had a very deep conversation with a very good (and very new) friend of mine. I have decided that one of my cousins MUST marry him. No questions asked. Sorry girls, but I promise you would thank me ;D
It is amazing how much talks of God and talks of beauty can bring hope to any situation. Really, any situation. He mentioned the scripture about the sparrow falling from the nest, and I was immediately comforted, not that I was even in need of comforting. That is power.

I love that where I work (where I met this friend) challenges me so much. Whenever it happens, this job will be hard to walk away from. I have met some of the most fantastic, thought provoking people. They are definitly rare gems, Monroe is not exactly blessed with philosophical thought.

Gotta run, heading back to Monroe soon. I just thought that I would share that to be a woman in America, especially one in my home, is brighter than sunshine šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “"Brighter than Sunshine"

  1. If you have ever heard me talk about my boss, the guy who knows an overwhelming amount about good literature, good film, good Christian lifestyles, thats him. HE IS SO COOL, and sooooooo nice. and soooooooooo going to marry one of you šŸ˜€

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