Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate??

I am sitting in Sarah’s tiny little dorm room all by myself, surrounded by the clutter of books, pens, paper, and every other tid bit of inspiring junk. So I decided to blog 🙂

It is so quiet in this tiny room, except for the sound of Hannah showering in the bathroom next to me. It is a perfect haven, and believe me, we were SO ready to get to any kind of haven.
After a day of driving, way too much Japanese food,the coolest frozen yogurt I have ever eaten, and great new friends, it was time to head back to the dorm room and take a bit of advice from Frankie. Thus, I am relaxing.
I was a close call though. Hannah and I trudged up all the concrete stairs to the dorms, banged on the door until someone let us in, asked the same nice girl for the code to the stairwell, and finally after confronting a locked dorm room and whipping out an old calling card/burglary skills, we got in.
And I am in Jackson, in Sarah’s room with Hannah until she gets here. What a great, random weekend 🙂
After this bit of rest we were going to eat with Sergei, but seeing as he has more of a boyish ability to STILL be hungry after a crap load of Japanese food, Hannah and I will be hittin up some coffee instead. Then we will regroup, and watch OUR MUTUAL FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see it, it will be a first for me. Five hours of British romance, here I come ^^
p.s. Did you know that coconuts DO migrate!!!!! (not by swallows of anything, but still!) If anyone asks me what I learned in college, that is what I will say.

3 thoughts on “Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate??

  1. We were talking about how different organisms reproduce, how some are completely incompetent and both have to send their gametes out into the water and hope they run into each other! some use wind, others animals and such, others water. That my friend, is where your coconut comes into play. Many coconuts are able float between small islands (and larger bodies of water) in order to avoid dying out in that one area. So yeah!!!!!…but if you were wondering where it came from in the first place, Monty Python…but I feel like you would already know that 😀

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