Summertime and the Livin’s Easy

Don’t you wish you could make someone call you a really great nickname??
It would never work, you can’t just tell someone to call you something that has been preplanned.
Nicknames never work without spontaneity.

I am back at home 🙂
Last night we had about 20 or 30 people over for my birthday, it was quite shocking. I had about 6 or so people in my mind that I had coming, but; well, let’s just say that my brother is a good brother 🙂

Tonight was a great night. Mom and Mr. Kenny went to go visit some friends for a bit, while Garrett cooked chicken and I made salad. Once the folks got back we had a really nice time. Then Garrett had to jet, and mom, me, and Mr. Kenny watched Lady and the Tramp (Mr. Kenny’s idea and favorite Disney flick 🙂

It was fantastic. However.
That movie always scared me a bit as a kid, the rat in the baby’s room, those cats, the dog at the pound that gets put to sleep.
When I was six, it was a horrifying experience.
It was GREAT tonight, though. We laughed a ton, and the movie was fantastic. It is amazing though that I still get fidgety during those rat scenes.
Tramp called lady Pij (Pigeon really)
I think that is so cute, I wish someone would call me Pij. However, there’s not much spontaneity in sky rats.

FUN FACT: The first song is the movie Stepbothers is “A-Punk” 🙂

UNFUN FACT: Vampire Weekend is NOT coming to n.o. during the summer like I thought. They came in April and so now the girls and I cannot go see them over break.

VERY FUN FACT: The girls will be here in a week or so; my spirit feels uncontainable.


5 thoughts on “Summertime and the Livin’s Easy

  1. Oh don't tell me it was the greatest!!! What you MEANT to say was that it really wasn't worth the money and that the show was kind of lame and not at all worth seeing, and that I am not missing out on anything…RIGHT?????:)really though, I haveeeee to see them somehow!!

  2. I'll call you any nickname you want.And, Collette. WE TOGETHER ALL SUMMER are just as cool as a Vampire Weekend concert. And I can say that because I've been to one. Boom. Take THAT, Ezra freaking Koenig.

  3. Hey, Pij. Just wanted to say … HOW IN THE WORLD DID WE NOT KNOW ABOUT VW IN APRIL??!?? I TOTALLY could have driven down from Jackson, met you there, and ROCKED OUT. We're idiots.

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