Every time I try to leave a comment on a blog without being signed in those little made up decoder words appear. You know, words like “innilate” or “niningrant;” words that sound so much like real words that you begin to second guess your own vocabulary. I always try to comment without being signed in, and so I always see these words.
POINT. That I really do think they get longer each time as if to teach me a lesson already. It may spell “motography,” but it reads “haven’t you learned already that we need to know if you are spam or not, and could be potentially be a virus?!!”

I do not think that I am spam. All the same, I should remember to sign in more.

I keep trying to write a short story. It would be very good for me, and I always enjoy it. The problem is that whenever I do reach up and capture that flitting bit of inspiration before it slips away, my stories always come out depressing! I could be listening to Jimmy Buffet (the most carefree, in no ways mood dampering music on the face on the planet) and still, all I get is Ethan Frome or The Yellow Wallpaper. Does this mean that I am depressed??
…I do not think I am depressed?

NO. I am neither spam nor depressed.

Maybe if characters didn’t write themselves, then things would be much easier.

So I started my training shift as a waitress today.
I spilt water all over a little girl’s phone. But do you know what I think?? GOOD RIDDENS! What the crap is a ten year old doing with AN IPHONE?!?! and better yet, what the crap is she doing with it, texting while at a family dinner?! In my world, that’s justice baby. Not that I am rejoicing in someone else’s loss or disappointment. I guess it is that I do not feel sorry for that that father may have to pay for a new phone. If that ends up being the case; lesson be learned about buying a child a phone worth more than that kid has ever made in their lifetime.

On a happier note, the girls will be here in two days. Did you get that?? TWO DAYS! As I sit in this big house with no playmates, I cannot contain myself. I cannot contain myself at the thought of fresh afternoon coffee pots, meaningful conversations, movies, God, and so much more. I think that even if we glued ourselves to the couches all summer, these few months would still manage to be somehow…epic. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Motography.

  1. Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud about six or seven times in the course of reading this post. It's AMAZING!!! And your last paragraph was like a shot to the arm of a heroin addict. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! 🙂

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