Once you’ve found her, build your world around her.

Some things that I have noticed over the past couple of days:

Oil paint is in fact NOT the devil, and is quite beautiful when used properly. 
Also it doesn’t EVER dry, so the fact that I always leave too much paint on the tray is irrelevant 🙂

When a child’s bare feet are perched on top of yours for an extra inch, with water running down them from a drinking fountain, you catch a glimpse of what life ought to be like. 
I am lousy with my money. There’s no pretending I’m not. However, I now have a gorgeous leather journal.
Meg Ryan breakup’s are always like a conversation between old friends. That would be nice.
In Milo and Otis, when Milo (the cat) “jumped” off of the very high cliff and into the ocean, someone threw that cat! I wonder what they are doing right now, or if they ever tell anyone that they are the person who threw Milo off the cliff. That’s one very unique fifteen minutes.
Dances With Wolves is one of my FAVORITE movies, I always forget it.
P.S. The other day I got punched in the face with a 5 year old’s cast. Yes it was intentional. And YES, I can tell people that I’ve taken one to the jaw before.  

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