I am semi stuck in that blog inertia. The kind where you want to blog, but every time you finally become inspired! there is no computer around, and there you hav it: your second or third week without blogging.

SO. Here’s a quick update to get the ball rolling again.

  • Friday:

-Woke up feeling awful; achey everything, soar throat, drip, chills, and all that good stuff. Went to work with Taylor for the day and knew for a fact that I was dying of TB or the plague or something like that. So Corey let me leave early. Hobbled to the car, crept into five o’clock traffic on I 12, and sat in a parking lot. I. REALLY. WAS. DYING. Lower back pain, upper EVERYTHING pain. Thus, you have a stagnant parking lot of death. For a good hour or so. Dropped Taylor off and hurried on, got into bed by six and slept till ten the next morning.

  • Saturday:

-Still felt like doo doo but a little bit better. So me and mommy rented movies like Julie & Julia and the old Bad News Bears.

Thought: I cannot wait to be young and married and poor and happy 🙂 Yes I know that money is the number one thing that stresses couples out. But I’ve heard stories from both my Grandparents, having nothing and making it work, being good to one another. It is a stage of life I look forward to very much 🙂

-Later that night, drug myself out of bed to go see Inception. Totally worth the discomfort. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! Go see it now!! Talk about full blow, edge of your seat, gripping entertainment.


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