I think that Katherine Heigl is my favorite.

I think that dusk in Baton Rouge is probably one of the most beautiful things in the entire world. 

Especially while driving.
Today was really nice.
As I was leaving Corey’s house to head home, the sun hung just a few inches above the horizon. It was blazing, but a light film of clouds made it foggy enough to stare at. Nature’s burning paper lantern. 
The clouds aren’t half bad either:)
~like Hannah says, Baton Rouge has the best clouds in the world~
Half way through the drive it occurred to me to roll my windows down and turn my air off. My car flooded with colors, crickets, and sky. 
Whenever I’m doing the dishes, and an empty basin is suddenly filled with water, that water often skates up the sides of the basin in a big splash. I think that is what happened to the sky. And now the foam filled sea sky hangs above us, and the setting sun picks up the iridescent and soapy hues. I guess driving down Old Perkins and listening to “Your Eyes” can really get you going. 
Now I am watching 27 Dresses, being completely girly and completely empathizing with the poor main character as she watches her knight fall for a beautiful blonde with unnaturally white teeth. We poor women. 
Meanwhile, I am staring down half of a sleeping pill perched on the couch next to me. It is my first sleeping pill, but my throat has become so coated with knives (or so it feels) that I haven’t slept in like two days!!! 

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