"In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own"

Friday afternoon I skipped out of work about an hour early.
It was my last day, and I was leaving a week before camp was over.

I said goodbye to all my kids… then I saw Mason White.
I’ve had him in my group for two years now. He’s not necessarily the best behaved kid, but he is one of my favorites. He is all that is BOY. Not scared of bugs, plays till he’s sweaty, I’ve only seen him cry twice, and trust me, it was legit. Not to mention he’s cute as all get out. You know, bleach blonde hair, freckly face, big blue eyes, and the inability to say his r’s.

I told him I was leaving and he asked if it was “leavin f’w good?” When I said yes he jumped on my neck all rough, and planted about a thousand something kisses on my cheek. “Please come back next yeaw,” he told me through a kiss. “I love you.”

OH.MY.GOSH. I could have bawled.

After that me and Corey hit the road on our way to good ole Purvis, Ms. where his grandma (Judy) lives.
On our way up we pulled off in Covington to grab a bite to eat. Parked behind our sought out Chik-fil-A was a diesel pulling a horse trailer that seemed a little lop-sided. Hunched next to it’s tire was dad, cranking away at something that stretches beyond my womanly knowledge of fixing tires. His little wife and four daughters sat in a circle on the curb next to him, munching on sandwiches; the mom passing her coke around to the little ones. It was really sweet.

The next day we left Judy’s bright and early and made a TEN HOUR TRIP, packed like sardines, to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!!!!!!

Now I’m sitting at the table wrapped in a towel and wet bathing suit. It’s raining outside. Mr. Chuck is popping the second oldest’s back with a bear hug. Brad, the baby, gnaws at rib left overs across from me. He’s got this half sleepy look in his eyes that only all day at the pool can give a kid. Outside it’s POURING. Speaking of pouring, Judy is making herself a Jack and coke. That’s the kind of woman she is. I LOVE her. She’s very Irish, goes to 7:00 a.m. mass, calls everyone “people,” and everything “the damn so and so,” and hums Billy Joel.

Tomorrow, WE GO TO HARRY POTTER WORLD. I’m not sure how much I can stress the importance of this. I have been wanting this ever since I was very small. The idea that I might step foot in the world of Harry Potter has filled my head in the place of many a school lesson. It is finally here!!! What’s even better; I get to buy a Griffindor scarf and wear it all around my campus, because we have the same colors 🙂

“It’s not like I like my space because I’m weird, I’m doing the dishes.” Mr. Chuck to Nick (second oldest) who keeps hovering.

Before I left I asked Grandad for A Tale of Two Cities because I have never read a Dickens book.
“Ack, you don’t need all that.” He then handed me a very thick, very green book called Ireland. He tapped it twice and nodded his head. So far, I LOVE it. A line from the eldest storyteller in the Catholic village recollects to two young boys about English oppression.
“But lads… even in our most dire straits we kept the old language alive and never ceased the writing of music and poetry, and we clung as fiercely to our religion as we did to the bottle…”

I need to go, Nick is offering me twenty dollars to eat a nasty concoction…and I am a bit broke….


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