Toga! Toga!

I have officially entered back into the college realm! That’s right! No more babies, pets, or old people. Just caffeinated college kids with a naive zeal for the upcoming semester’s classes. 

Yesterday Gran, Mom, and I arrived at ULM four hours after our 7 a.m. departure. 

Chaotic moment #1: checking in ~Th grand scheme of this took an hour and a half~

Chaotic moment #2: moving all of my junk out of the cars and up to the second story

Chaotic moment # 3: mom, Gran, and myself all trying to hang one object… multiple times.

Chaotic moment #4: working in the newspaper office until 1 a.m. And having to go back in at 10 today.


New roommate is amaaaaaazing 🙂

Yesterday, during a midnight conversation up at the office (one of many this year I’m sure 🙂 Zach, a friend of mine, was describing to me the Creative Writing class I will be taking this year. He talked about how much he loved the professor, and how he will pick one story and dissect for an hour. I remember Zach reiterating the phrase”You don’t have it,” a lot. I am soooooooo nervous, but cannot wait until it starts.

Ok, so this post is very scattered and probably even a little on the slow side, but: I HAVE OFFICIALLY STARTED BLOGGING DURING THE SCHOOL SEMESTER! This is a challenge to no one in particular *:chough:*Hannah and Robbie*:cough;*:cough:* to do the same 🙂

Bye now!


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