"I was made for sunny days"

{The Weepies-Be My Thrill}

Today is a beautiful day.
The kind that should be spent on the sand or water.

I woke up early to head to the office to work on the paper, and I’ll be honest, there was a slight dread in my step. That was until I got outside. I was greeted with a suprisngly cool gust of wind, and a smiling jogger that startled me.

Then sun is reflecting off of everything today, even the grass.

So the first week of school was absolutely chaotic. I remember slumping down in a chair at one point and thinking “I have to have been here for a month already.” It was day number eight in Monroe.
Things are still hectic, but I am learning to love being swept up instead of whining every five minutes.

I have started to cook. Corey has an apartment now and I am using his kitchen as a testing ground.
I want to know where people get this image of novice chefs (especially young girls) with rice in their hair, all cute and covered in flour, laughing. PAH!

I tried to fry shrimp. Seemed easy enough, just dip the things in eggy milk, then batter, then into the grease pot! I guess I should have known that oil has smoking points. Idiot me cranked the thing on high and ended up filling the whole apartment with a thick smoke and the stench of burning oil. I wouldn’t stop smoking, so of course…I panicked.

My first reaction was a ditsy one. (surprise.)
I grabbed the fuming pot and threw it into the sink, creating the biggest kitchen sink oil geyser I have ever seen. The scalding stuff sprayed everywhere, making this awful hissing noise and covering EVERYTHING.
If there hadn’t have been hot oil all over the floor, I would have pulled a Julie & Julia and lay on the ground, crying, asking the ceiling “What Am I DOING?!”
But there was hot oil on the ground, and all of his roommates were home.
My cooking may never be superb, but maybe one day I could be the girl who looks cute with the rice and the flour all over her and the kitchen. (Personally, I still don’t think she exists.)

The other day I was walking to class and met eyes with a man. Usually I would give a polite smile and look away. This time, his words came before I could react in that socially acceptable way..
smile.” He told me.
Now don’t you just love people?


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