First Day of Fall, 92 Degrees.

(La Vie En Rose-Louis Armstrong)

Trying to stay true to blogging has been especially difficult with the start of work. That’s right, work, not school. In fact, I am in the office now. I have a feeling that I have spent more hours here than in my actual dorm room.

Things I have done recently:
I fired someone. Well, it wasn’t just me. It was a group vote, and one of the most awkward situations I have ever been in.

I was in my first game of flag football. I scored two touchdowns, missed a perfect pass, and accidentally tackled the smallest girl on campus.

Yesterday there was a man in front of me on the staircase of the psychology building. Hewas short, stocky, had a red beard, and was thinning too early. I have seen him around, he looks like a cartoon character, and has a very kind face.
He walked down calmly, got out the door before me, and took off in a dead sprint (attire: button down short sleeve, bow tie, dress pants, docs.) He sprinted (awkwardly, the way you can tell he knows people are watching him run) to the edge of the parking lot, made a sharp turn at its end, and kept tracing the lot in a dead spring. It was one of the strangest things I’ve seen.

I decided once again just how much I love Meg Ryan, which I think I have blogged about before.

I have found best friends in the people I work with, and with the people in bible study.

I am STILL reading Trinity, and am falling in love with Ireland more and more with every page.

I am taking Neuroscience.

I found out that the Marriage Therapy professors are all kind of loopy. You know, the kid that burn incense, talk about chi, and refuse to realize that long hair looks bad when it is gray and receding.

After such a great summer, I am missing my family more than ever. In a healthy way.

School has become a side thought. NOT in a healthy way.

My grease geyser burns look like they are going to scar. (see previous post)

I bought a great big mustard colored scarf. Today is the first day of fall, and it is still unimaginably hot. I cannot wait till I can wear it.


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