Trying to look interested.

Sketching never goes as planned.

You can never find the desire.
When you have found the desire, you can’t find unlined paper.
When you have found the unlined paper, you can’t find a ball point pen
When you have found the ball point, your hand can’t find the rhythm.
When you have found the rhythm, your pen can never find the lines it is supposed to.

Does that make sense. When you look down at the balnk paper, you can see the lines and where your pen ought to go. There it is, not on the paper yet, but you can see it. Its perfect, and easy.

Then your pen touches paper.

“What the heck is that?” Looking down, there is a half retarded drawn line on the page.
unlined paper-crumpled
ball point pen- yelled at angrily, maybe tossed.

Ay, sketching never goes as planned.

Corey has been reading me his history notes (for a test tomorrow) for the past .hour. .and. .a. .half.

However, I have learned that the government used to sterilize women while they were under anesthesia without their consent.

Also, Theo Roosevelt got shot one time during a presidential campaign. He gave his speech anyways with a bullet in his lung.


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