White Winter Hymnal

I sat down to start this blog for a few reasons, many of which are new, many of which are the reasons for all my updates.

As is typical, I’m procrastinating what I ought to be doing. Typically, all bloggers do this, as inspiration only comes when you have some other very pressing matter to attend to.
How typical.
Ever say a word so many times you can almost hear the home country in it?

Another reason I started writing was because I haven’t done so in quite a while. When school starts, most of the blogs I follow slow down quite a bit. As a result I feel there isn’t a need to write, because no one is online to exchange thoughts with. But, as always, my Gran complimented the blog and told me it brought her such joy. How could I not write after that?

Lastly is that I was in such a good mood that I itched to express it somehow.
Imagine that; in a good mood alone at the office on a Friday night. I guess I have a lot of things to look forward to.

Recently there was a great change in my life that made me realize I haven’t been taking good enough care of myself.

Oh goodness, I hope that did not come off as self absorbed and moody as it did when I read over it. I mean of course I am taking care of myself, but I hadn’t done very much for myself lately. I wasn’t expanding or tasting life like I should have been. I wasn’t embracing community like I should have been, wasn’t focusing on God like I should have been.

As awful as those moments are when we “stray from the path” in a very Hallmarky way, they are worth finding your way out of the brush, back to the pavement.
Like walking out of a matinee.

The greatest part? I found a church I l.o.v.e.
I have never gone to a church I love. The people, pastor, gospel all bring such comfort.

Indeed, I’ll take the pavement.


3 thoughts on “White Winter Hymnal

  1. "You. Are. My. BIGGEST. Fan." (-That Thing You Do)Collette, you have the most beautiful soul. I love everything about you, and I love your newspaper office, and your courage, and your style, and your writing which is PRETTY awesome, and your blog, and you, and your face, and if you had a parrot I'm sure I would like it too even though I don't like parrots most of the time.BAM. You amaze me.

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