"I want room for cream and sugar" :)

[Day Old Blues-Kings of Leon]

-this song is beautiful, and I’m not even a huge KOL fan. worth emotionally investing into.
We FINALLY have winter weather πŸ™‚
That wonderful, gloomy, misty, blue tinted weather I will come to hate in two months.
Still, the itchy wool strung round my neck brings me joy for today.
Sunday in church, I sat two rows behind the Wilkins family. Well, a fraction of the Wilkins family. They are the pastor’s family, and one of the many boys (I think there are 6 boys?) sat two rows ahead of me with his family: wife, and three, well, three boys.
Ever experience a family you can feel God at the center of?
I watched his sweet wife Bethany (pregnant with another boy πŸ™‚ gently pat her husband, who in turn could not help but gently pat at least one of his boys constantly. I watched him pass kisses from their two year old to his wife, and back to his two year old, who laughed hysterically at this during is grandad’s sermon.
This same pastor shared a conversation with a friend of mine about the importance of Godly children. If each family within the church had four children they raised in Christian faith, and those four had four. It reaches a very very big number very very fast.
It is interesting that going to Auburn church and switching my major to english have brought about the same realization for me. I probably won’t end up doing what I major in. I may, or I may not, just as many college graduates don’t.
For some reason, that thought never completely occurred to my naive brain.
But I do know that, by God’s grace, I want to have a family. A big one, raised in a Church.
I think I could end up selling Mary Kay to old women with Bingo money to blow, but as long as I have a family in Christ, I’ll be content.

One thought on “"I want room for cream and sugar" :)

  1. All I could think reading this was, "I wish I had that kind of faith."I can't tell you how much it overwhelms my soul to read these words from you, my dearest, dearest Collette, my sister in Him.To have your faith….

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