Movement Around the House

Yesterday I got to my Aunt Jamie and Uncle Craig’s house in Marshall, Tx. There, Hannah and Sarah waited with them for myself, Gran and Grandad to arrive.

After being here for a whole day I realized the magic in this home, and they way it moves you about the house.
Walking in:
screams, flailing arms, and your vision locks in on the first warm body like a top notch targeting system. Bolt through the door and into a person. Rocking, patting, kissing.
Then someone pops out of a back hallway, and your body zips to them, streaking across wood floors and around cream colored corners. More squeals and rocking and kissing.
This whole process goes on for about twenty minutes or so, as more people show up.
So and so comes out of the back, someone gets back from the store. Eventually everyone is met and loved and expressed to, and then we settle.
Later the house has you, without fail, in the kitchen late at night. Something about the kitchen has the power to spring forth soul secrets and life plans. Maybe its the twinkle lights around glass paned cabinets. Or the smooth counter tops, perfect for sitting on.
But somehow, the house moves you there, usually sometime past 11:00, full from ice cream.
Sarah sits in the corner of the counter, in between two planes of cabinet. Her hands are on the green top next to the coffee maker and sugar jar, which waited patiently to be used and exhausted the next morning by groggy eyed relatives.
I sit next to her, in between the break in the cabinets and the sink. Aunt Jamie has pulled up a bar stool to the corner. We are a triangle of counsel and interest. The house keeps you there until about 1:00 a.m. usually, despite numb bums and slightly achy backs.
In the morning, you always find yourself in the den with a cup of coffee in your hands, perhaps a bagel. Breakfast in the den is something I’ve never really done in my own house. But somehow the magic of this home just makes it happen.
Aunt Jamie moving around the kitchen, pouring french press into chipped coffee cups. Sarah always moves with a stumble for the first half hour of waking.
But my favorite movement around the house is when we wake up in the mornings. Hugs, everyone gets hugs, accompanied by a “Darrrrlinggg!!” from the hugger.
The unsure path from out of bed and straight into a warm body. Every morning. 🙂
I love the movement around this house.

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