You already know

[DeVotchka – How it Ends]

“Hold your grandmother’s bible to your chest/ gonna put it to the test.”
You already know how this will end.
I am so sick of the no escape of post modernism. This whole existential, Neitzche rip off.
When you think about it, we already know how things will end. A light extinguished only to be rekindled by an unrelenting mercy. Anything forgiven. And yet people strive. Why is that?
Its like skipping to the last page of every book, and then reading them all anyway, with vigor. We already know lines like “Frankly my dear” and “Here’s lookin a you, kid,”and we still invest. We still crave to be the salt of the earth. 
The human race is by far the most unexplainable symbol of God’s joy. A race that shows compassion, a notion that completely contradicts the fittest surviving. And does so knowing the last page, knowing that Humphrey Bogart doesn’t get the girl. 
To know everything can be forgiven, and then refuse to settle.
Human race, you are beyond my wildest dreams.

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