Malted Milk Malted Milk

Cali trip, the light speed version:

Srdjan, Robbie, Seth, Kelsea and I leave on Wednesday for Cali from Monroe airport, tiniest airport known to man.

In five minutes of taxiing down the runway, Seth has the whole plane laughing

Land in Cali.

Have a Guinness milkshake in a place where the walls are red velvet DeMask.

Saw an actress from Reno 911

6 am Thursday morning (two hours before my alarm) I awake to the Serbian banging down our door, telling us that America is fat and lazy, and it is time to get up.

Hear horror stories about Robbie and the Serbian sharing a bed, and the odd words Robbie whispers in his sleep.

Saw a Banksy piece

Walked a bajillion miles.

Learned and actually got excited about good design.

Ate at one of those restaurants where green means bring me 16 different kinds of fine meat and red means stop before I puke.

Got a 365 dollar bill

Watched Seth lick everyone’s bowls clean in an attempt at getting his money’s worth.

Walked five miles through Beverly Hills

Took a picture of the tallest drag queens i’ve ever seen

Got lectured to by the Srdjan after lagging behind about young girls waking up in tubs of ice with organs missing.

Walked very close to Srdjan

Bought things I didn’t need that I didn’t have the will power to pass up

Actually saw Manet and Rembrandt and Pollack and Van Gough…which touched when the gaurd wasn’t looking.

Had Argentinean black beer

Made a beautiful new friend in Kelsea Mcrary.


2 thoughts on “Malted Milk Malted Milk

  1. COOL!!!!! What an awesome trip full of experiences of Americana (and the mix into Americana of other cultures, apparently)! Now I want the normal-speed version. And the every-detailed version. Mkay?

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