Boogie Wonderland

So its Friday.
Which usually means that I’m in the office. Which would usually mean headaches and fingers drumming and spinning beach balls of death (which you would only get if you are the owner of a mac, and a disagreeable one at that.)

However, today is Friday, and on Friday, all of those usuallys usually go right out the window.
Instead of headaches its head banging, finger snaps instead of drummings, and the only thing spinning is me, in my chair, to a little Earth Wind and Fire.

Oh yes, it is Friday at the office. The day where I wait patiently for everyone to slowly trickle out so that I can blare funk, and dance around this place like a madman. True, there are many glass windows and a paper that still needs designing… but what kind of college student would I be if i didn’t procrastinate?!

So far I have watched the new trailer for the Hangover 2 (oh yes)
Practiced the running man
Eaten two whole bananas covered in vanilla almond creeme cheese yogurt dip.
Caught up with the world’s coolest brotha on the phone
Compiled a list of April Fool’s pranks to get Jill back, oh man does she have another thing comin
Had a minor obsessive fit over Sarah’s wedding
And last but totally not least, watched this clip of Elf, which is the perfect expression of this Friday feeling.

Maybe its because this morning, while putting my coffee cup up to my lips, a few drops somehow lept up and went straight into my nose. Really? I mean, I’ve heard of liquid coming OUT of the nose, but never in. I guess it gets props for being an inanimate object and having super human powers, defying gravity not.
Anyways, snorting caffeine has thus proved to be the most effective manor of putting pep in your step. And is especially good for Friday fun time 🙂


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