coffee and corners

There’s nothing worse than discovering you are out of creamer. Especially once you’ve made the coffee. And when reaching for a nonexistent milk carton, you realize your house is in a serious dairy depression, and its probably time to run to the store.

Ok, well I am sure there are worse things.
Like having a cold
or a bad haircut
Or six toes (although that could be argued as a positive.)
And while there are many things far worse than being out of creamer, there are infinitely more good things.
like rediscovering how good a chair is with lamplight spilled over it
or taking a sick day (could be argued as a negative.)
Black labs and dachshunds who are best friends
or realizing how much a paper bag can sound like lightening.
[Have you ever gone back and read a journal entry from a few years back? I always find it extremely humiliating. Maybe that’s why I don’t write in them anymore, because the older me will always think the younger me irrational and less wise.
Maybe that’s why I like online blogs so much. It restrains you from groveling AND is twice as quick.]
I have a cold. And have taken a sick day.
Its incredible what a cup of coffee (even if black) and a corner of a comfy room can to for you. How often does this happen? Once every month? Sadly and most probably, every two months? I need to learn to make more time for coffee and corners.
In older but still extremely new news, Sarah Vanbiber is now Mrs. Yepishin.
The wedding was so beautiful. I *almost* cried my eyes out on the alter, but thankfully staring up at the ceiling like an idiot for thirty minutes saved me.
It was an incredible week, even IF the Russians did try to burn our house down.

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