Collette:1 Meningitis: 0

By 6 am the fluid (I was unawares of) in my brain was a wee too much to bare.

Hours later: BAM. In the ER with viral meningitis!! And believe me, nothing makes laying on a gurney with a migraine better than a girl next door resisting to get her stomach pumped, and the man next door to her screaming that everyone was out to get him.
An IV of some wonder drug later and it was smooth sailing after that.
Three days there.
Armed with mini cereal boxes, a full day of the Kardashians, and a good mama, I somehow survived 😉
Visits from Andrew involved digging into the nurse supplies and performing his own operations using rubber gloves, safety goggles and the creepiest verse I’ve ever heard.
Now I’m at home, PERFECTLY mended…and still on house arrest.
This may prove to be more boring than the hospital, at least there they had pudding.

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