Bass Head

I have spent the whole night drawing.

It’s probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever done, and by the time I finish I think it’ll be my favorite. I love the feeling of starting a drawing and just knowing it’s going to go well.
I’m starting to get so excited about life after college. For the first time in my life I actually have a list of STUFF I want to do!!!! Places to go, things to learn, art to see.
And hey, I know I’m not the first upcoming college graduate with a big imagination and an even bigger to do list, but I don’t care.
Somewhere along the way things get compromised. But I’m feeling pretty uncompromising. Sure, 99% of people with an ambitious post grad to do list end up putting away in some box with the rest of their childhood. But not EVERYone.
What’s even more beautiful is having someone who embellishes, helps you check off, and mot of all supports your to do list.
The ones on the horizon
1. See Skrillex
2. Get something published
3. Go to Coachella
4. Live in another state for a period of time
For the first time I’m so excited about life after college.
They say that college is the best years of your life. All in all mine were pretty lackluster. But I’m starting to see that as a good thing. The good years are still ahead of me. The best years of my life are still on their way. But I think I’ll always think that way. I’ll never be too old to have to the best years of my life coming. I hope I’m never too old for anything. Except miniskirts. I’m already too old for miniskirts.
But I never want to look at anything and wave a hand at it, with that tired phrase “Oh, you go ahead, I’m too old for all that.”

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