"Cardiovascular Activity": world’s stuffiest expression.

I miss the cardio of childhood.

The kind that came spontaneously.
Now it’s the kind that’s not only planned, but dreaded. I have to organize a run with myself. Schedule it through work, school and the sluggishness that comes with hips and responsibility.
Ah. the of a cardio of adulthood. Now it’s bearing a cross for three miles of shin splints and fallen arches.
What happened to cardio that just HAPPENED. Through back yards and across ditches and after the make-believe. It didn’t have to be organized: all girl, all boy, co-ed, 5k, 8k, two hand touch, spin, zumba, butts and guts.
I want to run to the neighbor’s in hopes of a friend being home, bang on the door until their mom (not boyfriend) answers. And then just PLAY. Play until daylight decides you’re out of time, or until someone’s pride gets hurt and goes home, leaving us all enthralled with a drama we don’t understand yet.
Where the cold burning of your esophagus fuels you instead of slowing you down.
I miss the feeling of being absolutely exhausted and still finding the will to run to base.
I miss the cardio of childhood.

2 thoughts on “"Cardiovascular Activity": world’s stuffiest expression.

  1. I read this aloud to Uncle John as we traveled last weekend. So many times I would stop and stare at him, overcome by some ticklish use of words, and he would utter something like, "That's good stuff." He's your new biggest fan.

  2. haha that's awesome!!!!! its good to know people are reading!! great incentive to keep it up. I finally have a glimpse into your head now that youre blogging (not that you ever needed a tablet to voice an opinion šŸ˜‰ but oh to get a glimpse into HIS head. Now wouldnt that be cool! šŸ™‚

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