I got them moves like Jagger

At three a.m. I jumped out of bed wide awake.

Every light was on. The fire, carbon monoxide, and house alarm were all going off.
Actually it was just my phone. And actually every light in the house was still off, leaving it feeling twice as big and twice as dark. A coherent thought finally made its way into my head, “Time to go to Maryland.”
Mom stumbles into my room in a long sleeve shirt and jammy pants. She looks like a little girl. She hangs for about two seconds, and turns without a word for the coffee pot.
I guess it doesn’t take much to get us going. Thirty minutes later we were both in the truck zooming towards New Orleans and belting Moves Like Jagger (sexiest song alive-which I am listening to now.)
She whisked me away with a kiss and a designer necklace to borrow for the weekend. She’s kind of awesome for all of the above.
5:00 am, I sit in a terminal of business men in stark suits, already on their computers and crossing things off legal paper. I look down at my tights, comfy boots and boarding pass.
I am the luckiest girl in the world.

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