Like a school kid waiting for the spring

After an incredible weekend, I’m back in Monroe. A four hour drive and a night class finally brought me to a clean apartment and a postcard waiting on my bed. It’s a painting of a very pouty man with a fantastically purple shirt, courtesy of my sweet roommate thinking of me when she saw it. So there are good things to come back to in Monroe. Sort of.

This weekend was incredible.
Thursday night was spent sitting around the Hinnenkamp house with the whole family (minus Andrew) plus a few Tulane friends. What a blast those people are. Being there is all part of being home. Then I was onto some random bar in a random part of town with random people from high school. Oh joy.
Friday however brought the laziness of not getting out of bed until 11 and, best of all, my man. What rejuvenation. There’s nothing better than being caught up in a foot’s difference embrace. That night mom, Andrew, Garrett, Mindi, Lynsey, Jerry and I all went to see The Thing. It was very disturbing and very disappointing. Both of which were expected. But my gosh was it fun
Saturday was a lot of wonderful nothing; pinochle with the Hinnenkamps (which i actually get!! sort of…) and dancing in an upstairs office.
Sunday marked the start of another long month. And here I am, back in Motown, babbling on in a blog instead of writing the two papers I have due tomorrow.
I am so burnt out on school. Burnt out to the point that a four day vacation isn’t nearly enough. To the point where the longer the vacation, the harder it is to start again. Especially one as wonderful as this one was.
Norah Jones plays from a speaker somewhere behind this screen, and Madame Bovary stares up at me from her pastel colored book cover.
*You’re blessed to be a scholar, you’re blessed to be a scholar, you’re blessed to be a scholar*
Nope, still don’t want to write these papers. Maybe a Heineken will work…
Farewell, or shall I say Auf wiedersehen

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