I have just recently learned that people I thought were good were not very good at all. In fact, they were quite far from it. And it makes me wonder, did I really think them good people, or do we just settle for mediocre people and call them “good” because the actual good ones are so few and far between? Then suddenly what was really just “good enough” becomes good to us, because actual goodness is becoming such a rarity. It is something to naive to hope for in most encounters.

When I stop to analyze the people I come in contact with, I realize that most of them are not purely “good.” That, when it comes down to scrapping it out with themselves and the other guy, people aren’t exactly Mother Theresa. But hey, they are generally nice people and kind on a day to day basis, so they’ll do, right?
To find people of a higher caliber, people of real goodness, would be to challenge myself. It is a task, hard work. I’m not saying they aren’t out there, that I don’t know any, or that our society is doomed or anything really awful like that. I’m just saying that they seem to be stretching thin. With age and the fading away of naivety I am beginning to realize man’s depraved nature for what it really is: something quite real.
So I challenge myself, and you, dear reader, to challenge someone who is “good enough,” to real goodness, be it a friend, stranger, or yourself.

3 thoughts on “Goodness

  1. Aw thanks lady, as are you šŸ™‚ I'm missing you all SO much now that I'm back here. No break would ever be long enough. I'm so stoked ya'll decided to come up to MD, that trip is going to be amazing šŸ˜€

  2. Keep thinking, Collette, you're onto something. I tend to hero-ize people, too, which isn't all bad. I'm learning that people are "mixed bags," even Mother Teresa (they say she was mean). I like the phrase "take them as you find them." Mixed bags, all of them. Thank goodness for the grace of God!

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