Have I ever told you about my room?

It’s a great room.
I sit cross legged on the most beautiful quilt that mom surprised me with. It’s a soft white color with vertical rows of grey and yellow branches. “It’s soothing,” she said, justifying the price as she clutched it to her chest in a Target isle. “It is.” I agreed. Two or three more paces past it and we decided that we were better bargain shoppers than this, and left it on the metal rack.
And yet, you’ll never guess what I found in my closet the night I packed for college.
I love this room.
I rest my head against my crafty self made headboard and look out. A very narrow bookshelf with very few books on it has been spray painted a robin egg blue. On it’s shelves sit pictures of France, and a large framed photo of my grandparents on their wedding day. They are sitting in a car, they are beautiful. It’s taken as if someone from the passenger’s seat turned around and leaned over the center console to capture them. Behind them out the back windshield you can see the headlights of some old vehicle, all rounded and bulging. I think it is my favorite picture. It’s why I’m here, really. A few books accompany the pictures, the rest is mostly journals and very crucial white space.
In the corner of my room is a fantastic antique chair that I got by default, seeing as antiques give Mr. Kenny the heebie-jeebies. It shelters a silk throw Ms. Kellie brought me from India and a purple glittery pillow.
To my left hangs a 2×3 foot picture of a girl in a black ball gown advertising some winning champagne of 1929 Napa Valley. Opposite her are framed pictures of my cajun relatives in Mary Janes and sailor suits. One of the pictures is over exposed, like walking out of a theater at midday. All thirty six of them pose on the front porch of a tiny house with a raised porch and an acadian styled roof.
A burlap Saints bag hangs from my door.
I can’t wait to have a whole house to do this to. To have a home that shelters everything you serve, fuss over, nurture, love. It seems only right that it should be beautiful.

One thought on “Cocoon

  1. I love it! Your mom is the greatest, no? She showed me, on her phone, a photo of your room … Oh my. It's perfect. The colors, aaaahhhh. Robin-egg blue shelves, yes! Thanks for describing.

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