I’ll give you the moon, Mary

I love this scene. It is one of my favorite scenes in movie history. I often think that Jimmy Stewart was more american than John Wayne.

Christmas is coming. And while I can’t stand people who don’t even give ghouls and ghosts of Halloween a chance before they start stringing up their Christmas lights, I am deep down cousin to them. I love Halloween, it is one of my absolute favorite holidays. A day that has turned into the celebration of candy, what could be better?! What I really love is that it is one day where the community celebrates one another, literally opens their homes, and it’s ok to make little kids cry. However, I would be lying if I said I didn’t hum the occasional Christmas carol on slightly chili days (ie 72 degrees) or looks up sentimental clips of It’s A Wonderful Life.

Part of tonight has been somewhat exhausting, but oh so rewarding. God takes such good care of me. Sometimes I feel not only like the lost sheep, but the lost sheep with Downs. And the most beautiful part of being led back to the flock are the different shepherds God uses to get you there. > You pick me up, put me on your shoulders, and carry me through anything. Thank you so much Ace.

I hope I can give back to this world as much as I’ve been given in one person.

Oh, and here you go just for kicks, because he’s amazing and does a pretty dern good job


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