Expect more

Dear Reader,

press play to listen to the most beautiful song while you read. It almost forces you to take one very solid, very deep breath, and blow.
I just left a class where we discussed the novel we were reading.
First of all- This class is amazing. It’s taught by Dr. Giles, (i.e. who I wanna be if I ever grow up) where all twelve of us sit in a circle with her and discuss modern literature. It’s a three hour class, and I always leave rejuvenated. Now that’s saying something.
What I love about that class is the differing opinions: there are atheists, christians, possibly nihilists, and more. Boy do we get into some discussions.
Today it was about morality, or a lack there of, in the novel we read. Look, I don’t need to read kitsch stories where every character is Mother Theresa, but I don’t want to read a story where people with no moral compass whatsoever are justified. It leaves me feeling so icky.

We discussed that the book shows people in their most human state (cheating on one another incessantly and with no remorse), and how something about its depravity is beautiful.
Every fiber of my being disagreed.
Can we not hold ourselves to a higher standard?
Yes, I agree that by nature, man is depraved. However, grace restores him from that.
Let the depravity of man be the explanation, not the excuse. Yes, we are filled with nastiness and can sometimes desire to do nasty things to one another. It is human nature not to be perfect. But expect more.
Don’t find that depravity beautiful and enticing. That’s much, much too easy.

What’s truly beautiful is a depraved man and woman who except something so much greater than their own human state, and strive with their entire purpose to hold themselves to a moral standard.

I think that a lot of people overlook the courage it takes to be vulnerable enough to give yourself to God.

What’s beautiful is feeling the Id clawing at you, and taming that for the sake of your husband, wife, Father. I am not naive enough to think that man by nature craves monogamy. However, a man with a grasp on what he owes God, and what he has been given, never seeks something outside of a relationship that is the union of two people for a much greater cause, symbolic of Christ’s marriage to his people. Dwelling there, in the kind of love that can only be found in monogamy, vulnerably giving yourself to one person as you do your Creator, fulfillment is found. And happiness.

Whew, I no longer feel icky. I feel…ventilated.

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