Kick It

“I ran. I ran until my muscles burned and my veins pumped battery acid. Then I ran some more.”

Sittin on my tiny back patio in the 82 degree November weather, I was talking to my dad on the phone.
“I have to go run by I really don’t want to.”
“Just think of the awesome feeling you get when you’re done,” he said.
“The one where I want to puke my guts up?” I said sarcastically.
“Yes, that one.”

He couldn’t be more right.

5 thoughts on “Kick It

  1. I deleted it!!! Facebook was driving me crazy beacuse I waste so much time on it and there were more irksome people on it than good. But I can awlays keep in touch through moms 🙂

  2. I heard the "breaking news" from Sarah. ha! Did you know she wrote a little "article" about her interview with you? Since you can't get on, here it is:BREAKING NEWS: FACEBOOK A NEGATIVE NOTION. Monroe, LA (via Loveland, CO): According to Collette Keith, a student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, Facebook was a time-waster and a place for some frustrating people to intrude into personal life. "Y'all [family] were the only positive from the whole thing, so I chucked it. Figure we have email and I can get on Mom's, too." Perhaps, whether we delete our Facebook accounts or not, we could all take a leaf from Ms. Keith's book.Could you get on and just have family as your friends and block your visibility somehow? Like, is there a way to be incognito? Probably not. 😦 I miss you there. BUT I ADMIRE YOU!You're one of my heroes. :DCAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AT THANKSGIVING!!!!AJ

  3. Hi Collette!!I was just scrolling through your posts, and found this one. Are you still off Facebook? I was intrigued because I have limited myself to about 20 friends, and they are mostly family. This works for me because I got sick of all of the inane writings of people I barely knew. I get a lot of friend invites, but rarely accept, or I initially accept to touch base with an old friend, then delete him/her later when we've said all we had to say. 🙂

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