It’s the colors you have

After many an airplane, metro and suburban ride I am back in Monroe. About an hour ago I touched down on a runway that brought an end to one perfect weekend.

A while back I was surprised with a plane ticket to Maryland and another ticket to FedEx Stadium to watch ND play Maryland, all courtesy of the loving Hinnenkamps.
I can’t tell you how slowly thursday slid by. It was like time itself had gotten stuck in the Chariots of Fire beach scene, and then the Chariots of Fire DVD began to skip relentlessly. Finally I boarded an itty bitty Monroe airplane from one of the airports two terminals and jetted off to the North.
When I landed everything was on fire. Bright oranges and reds and yellows like I’ve ever seen light up the hilly town of College Park. Fall in the north might be my favorite. Poor Andrew, I must have told him to look at a billion different trees, like he’s never seen a Ginko in the fall.
We (Andrew, Lynsey, Kendra, Mr. Paul and Mrs. Joan) saw monuments, took the subway, froze at a football game, drank hot chocolate, tried and ate Scrapple like a pro, and so much more.
Every single particle of me wanted to stay. Saying goodbye to such a good weekend and ever greater people is always such a drag, no matter when you’ll see them next.
All the same I made it to my layover in Atlanta, whose tram was broken and left me booking it two miles through the airport to my gate. A two hour conversation with the sweet old man next to me about his hunting trips to Africa and his 6 foot pet snake in high school he never named got me to Monroe, where Kelsea and her boyfriend Sam waited in the tiny lobby with big signs that said my name on them ๐Ÿ™‚
Unlike many, I have great people to come home to when I don’t exactly want to be coming home.
And now I’m exhausted and going to work in the morning. For your pleasure, here is one of the many songs Andrew showed me this weekend that we rocked out to. It’s fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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