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Victoria's Secret

So instead of reposting the article I read, I decided to just go ahead and post my own on after a long discussion that Andrew and I had. People all over tuned in to watch the VS Fashion show (instead of just thumbing through the catalogs already sitting on their kitchen counters…I guess sex sells better in slow motion.)

The goal: buy our lingerie, the message: you’ll look like these women in it. because: these are the most beautiful women in the world.

These women are chosen for the ‘big event’ because they are the best of the best, the ideal female, yes?

Not quite. My initial reaction is to get pissed. These women, who’s JOB is to look thin, strut their stuff on the runway after nearly starving themselves. Women like Adriana Lima, who talked in an interview about the week before The Show and how she spends it sitting on a couch for 24/7 doing nothing but drinking water, are displayed to us as the ideal form. It makes me want to beat them over the head with an 800 pound cookie. It is one thing for a woman to decide that being underweight is what is most important to her, but don’t broadcast that woman where children with developing self images can see it. People are exposed, on average, to 10,000 media messages a day. Along side that, only 30 % of Caucasian girls interviewed at the age of 11 and 12 by the APA were satisfied with their body. 70-80% of African American girls were not only satisfied with the way they looked, but really liked their appearance. So where do women recieve such a harsh body image? They aren’t (most likely) going home to parents who tell them that they just aren’t all that good looking, or that they should be prettier. That means it comes other outlets of influence. You do the math.

Now, the opposite end of this argument is where things get dangerous. Opposite of the “you have to be 6 foot and 30 pounds underweight to be beautiful” problem is an issue that is almost just as disconcerting. In an effort to counter the pressure for women to be unnaturally thin, society has started the “you are beautiful just as you are,” movement. While that is true, I’m gonna go ahead and be that asshole that says that if fat is “just as you are,” that’s not ok. The issue that everyone is missing is HEALTH. Neither being too skinny or too hefty is healthy, they are both so so bad for your body and your organs, especially on a long term basis. Everyone is built differently and some are naturally bigger than others. If that is your body’s natural build up, that’s fine. Work hard, exercise, and as long as you are keeping yourself fit for the sake of yourself and those who love you, more power to you. But if you’re over the weight that is meant for your fame and still sitting on the couch stuffing your face with hydrogenated oils an hour before bed, there’s a problem. There’s the common excuse of having work, kids and a spouse to exhaust your energy and your time. And while I know that is SO demanding, think of those people in the long term. They deserve the best version of you, a healthy you.


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