Everlasting Love

I’m about to start a water color, which, in all honesty, I have NO idea how to do. I am so so SO nervous that I keep thinking of any little thing (such as blogging about nothing relevant) in order to avoid starting. Then again, that moment in art where you get the kahunas to make that big move that you know will make or break the piece is so exhilarating. Lets just hope it’s making, not breaking.
Man it’s so good to be back home, where your biggest worry is no longer a research paper, but a handmade Christmas gift 🙂


2 thoughts on “Everlasting Love

  1. haha well the canvas ended up not taking the water color and i had to switch to oils, and i didnt really like the way it turned out. but im holding onto it and am going to go back to it. oddly enough, i started an abstract water color collage about samson and delilah yesterday and i really really like it!!!!!

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